Google Analytics for Government Drop-in sessions

Our Q&A drop-in sessions for data practioners across the APS. This list will be continually updated with Questions that have been asked in previous sessions.

You can find the signup at our eventbrite page.

Source code

The source code for our work is hosted on GitHub and is open by default. Feel free to use this for any of your projects.


This repository contains our scripts that we run for our data, including on We’ve created a data dictionary for more detailed information around our scripts/queries.

Customise scripts

COVID-19 scripts - Services Australia

Covid-19 scripts - Ausgov


  • Airflow
  • Python
  • BigQuery
  • SQL

Ursa Major

This is the source code behind, currently in Alpha. Here you will find logic for creating visualisations as well as fetching data from google cloud storage.


  • BigQuery
  • Google cloud storage
  • GraphQL
  • GatsbyJS
  • NodeJS

Observatory website

The repository for this current website.


  • Node
  • Gatsby

Web analytics guide

This guide helps product or service teams develop their web analytics capability in a build, integration and improve cycle.


  • Agile
  • Capability