DTA Terms of Service - Google Analytics 360

By completing this form, your agency agrees to subscribe to the Digital Transformation Agencies (DTA) whole of government contract for Google Analytics 360. Please ensure that you have read our Terms of Service

1. Account details

Shared email addresses are preferred, since they allow your agency to be contacted regardless of possible staff changes.
Tell us which of your existing analytics accounts you would like to link to our subscription, and upgrade to Google Analytics 360 (e.g. UA-XXXXXXXX). If you do not have an existing Google Analytics account, please contact our team at analytics@digital.gov.au.
Please note, this would be the total hits expected for all of your accounts listed above.

2. Finance details

So we know who to invoice (if required)

3. Terms and conditions

4. Lets go!

When you submit this form, your details will be recorded. A member of the DTA's analytics team will contact you within 1 business day with confirmation of your subscription.