Product Features of Google Analytics 360

Google provides a free version of their analytics software known as "Google Analytics", and a paid version known as "Google Analytics 360".

The DTA offers the Google Analytics 360 paid version with even more benefits, such as:

  1. Easier and more cost-efficient analysis of website data
  2. Only one agreement between your organisation and the DTA for your websites

Other feature differences between the free and paid version are outlined in the following section.

Google Analytics vs Google Analytics 360 *
Features and Benefits Google Analytics
(Free Version)
Google Analytics 360
(Paid Version)
Cost Free Negotiated fixed rate, invoiced annually
Reports Basic Advanced and customizable
Data Points Limited to 20 custom dimensions and metrics 200 custom dimensions and metrics
Fresh Data Not guaranteed Guaranteed 4 hours (usually faster)
Sampling Thresholds 500k sessions per date range 100M sessions per date range
Privacy Basic Enhanced and stricter privacy features

* Comparison data gathered from the Google Marketing Platform and the DTA Google Analytics page.

Pricing Model

Observatory has a whole-of-government contract that leverages the Commonwealth's economy of scale to deliver better pricing for subscribers. Our free tier of service helps smaller agencies save time and money. Note: Google Analytics is free of charge up to a maximum of 1 million hits per month per account.

Our contract fees are calculated on a cost-recovery basis, based on the number of billable hits per month across all of the properties upgraded to Google Analytics 360 by a subscribed agency.

The cost of different levels of access to Google Analytics 360
Tier Billable hits per month Annual price (AUD$)
Free 0 to 1M 0
1 1 to 10M 20,000
2 10 to 100M 25,000
3 100 to 500M 35,000
4 500M to 1B 50,000
5+ over 1B 50,000 + 27,000 per 500M hits over 1B

A "hit" is an interaction that results in data being sent to Google Analytics, such as page views, events, e-Commerce or social media interactions. We are using the term "Billable Hits" as defined by Google Analytics, and we use the Billable Hit Volume listed in an agency’s existing Google Suite Administration (if available) to estimate the appropriate pricing tier.

More information about our invoicing and payment arrangements can be found in our Terms of Service.

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