Google Analytics 360

Before you start

To sign up you will need

You will not need

  • To make any changes to your site or Google Analytics code.


1. Sign up - 5 minutes

2. Verify eligibility - 24 hours

Our team will confirm your eligibility and send you an email response within 24 hours.

The email will include:

  • next steps to finalise setup
  • information about invoicing and payment (if you're on a paid plan)
  • useful resources you can explore while we’re setting things up for you

3. Set up Google Analytics 360 - 1-2 days

The steps to complete setup are:

  • Link your Google Analytics Account to the Commonwealth of Australia
  • Upgrade your Google Analytics Properties to Google Analytics 360 status
  • Link your Google Analytics Account to BigQuery
  • Link your Google Search Console account to the Commonwealth of Australia

These steps are performed by the DTA, requiring only your verification.

4. Complete!

Once connected you’ll be able to access a variety of Google Analytics tools straight away. You’ll also have access to the Observatory and our whole-of-government data insights.